Armenia and Iran are among the most ancient countries in the world and have lived as neighbours through thousands years of history. Armenian and Iranian culture has many similarities and relations. During the recent years, tight relations are being established in more and more spheres, including politics, economy, tourism, sports, culture and indeed science. This Workshop is to strengthen our scientific relations and establish new collaboration. We plan to organize such workshops on annual basis, succeeding each other one in Armenia and one in Iran.


Aims and scope. We will establish mutual contacts, discuss and conduct joint research projects, give start to Armenian-Iranian astronomical collaboration, which will include several forms of relations:

  • organization and participation in regional activities;
  • collaborative research grants between Armenian and Iranian scientific groups;
  • stays of Armenian scientists at Iranian institutions for joint research work;
  • stays of Iranian scientists at Armenian institutions for joint research work;
  • stays of young Armenian scientists for training and fulfillment of Ph.D. theses;
  • stays of young Iranian scientists for training and fulfillment of Ph.D. theses;
  • organization of joint meetings in frame of the collaboration;
  • Byurakan International Summer Schools (BISS) with invitation of Iranian students;
  • observations on joint projects with the Byurakan 2.6m telescope;
  • collaboration between the Armenian and Iranian Virtual Observatories;
  • joint archaeoastronomical and cultural studies.
  • Such joint workshops have been organized with Georgian colleagues since 1974 and proved to be rather useful. We also have organized two joint Armenian-French workshops in 1995 and 2009, as well as several others, including with Russian colleagues from Saint Petersburg and Moscow.